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[IP] No delivery too

My husband, Steve, is a very lean guy and uses the comfort set and has
experienced many no delivery alarms in the past several weeks.  He uses 23 in
tubing has changed his site and tubing several times and religiously changes
his site every 3 days.  He uses Regular Humulin insulin.  We are unsure of
what is causing these no delivery alarms.

On top of all of this, he has been experiencing E 19 and A 34 alarms/errors.
Not once or twice but 5-6 times.  His pump was sent in for servicing and even
his loaner pump was alarming and erroring frequently.  For the first 6 months
no problems, but lately....  The cause is being attributed to static
electricity.  We live in Northern Upper Michigan and have been experiencing
dry cold weather lately.  Is anyone else experiencing these kind of problems??

Thanks deb.
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