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[IP] Re: Are you wearing the pump when you bike?

<<Are you wearing the pump when you bike?>>


Cycling jerseys have 3 pockets across the back at the base of the jersey.  The
pump is in one of the end pockets and the tubing comes out the top of the
pocket and down the outside and under the jersey.  It's not exactly pretty,
but it works.  The pockets are plenty big enough to hold a meter, lancet
device etc.  One pocket can hold a juice box for a size reference.

If the ride will be over an hour I will adjust my basal to about 50-75% about
an hour before riding.   Otherwise I leave it alone.  I always eat 15-60 gms
carbs (depending on starting BS)  and carry a waterbottle with 30-60 gms in it
as well.  (assuming less than a 2 hour ride)  Longer ride, more carbs.  ...My
nickname is the "Rolling Delicatessan"   <grin>

That is just a starting point.  I have to make a prediction as to how hard the
ride will be, based on who is going on it (different riding partners/groups
set the tempo at different levels...we average anywhere from 15-20+mph with no
stops)  How cold is it?  (Colder weather means more carbos...I'll ride down to
25 degreesF)  How bad do I want to win the sprint?  :-)  Etc etc.  I have to
listen to my body and interpret the signals, which I've been doing since
'78..... (pumping since only last september tho)

One thing I have noted is that after I get off my bike I immediately do a 2
unit bolus, even if I'm not going to eat right away and haven't reduced my
basal.  I attribute this to 2 things:  I've still got carbs running around in
me that are not going to get burned by exercise and second, the rides I go on
are rather intense so I assuming my liver has decided that the exercise
induced stress hormones are to be heeded, hence BS goes up after I get off the
bike.  The stress hormone 'thing' can last anywhere from a couple hours to the
next morning.  The next day though I can count on running lower BS's....

That'll be my novel for the day, anything else?  <g>

Jon Lane
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/