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[IP] Exercise FAQ may help understand the BG issues

There has been some conversation regarding the challenges of balancing
exercise, BGs, carbs and ketones. Some of you have mentioned that you have
real difficulty balancing some or all, of these things. 

The FAQs section on the Insulin Pumper's site has a fairly good FAQ managed
by Edward Reid, which includes some good discussion on exercise and
diabetes. I browsed it last evening and learned a few things, particularly
about insulin secretion and ketone production during exercise.

If you have not already looked at this, it might be worth a "look see",
especially if you are currently challenged by trying to balance all these
variables for exercise.

The FAQ which I reviewed is in the section "Other Insulin Pump FAQs", and
is listed as "Edward Reid, 5 part FAQ". Part 1 of the FAQ contains the
pertinent sections.

Bob Burnett

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