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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

I changed set 2 days ago (Sofset) and kept getting No Delivery's. I
re-bolus less the amount it has already delivered, and the problem
clears. But with this set it happened several times over the last 2
days. (OK, I'm paying for these sets myself, so I don't change unless
absolutely necessary). Another No Delivery as I sat down for dinner
tonight, so I took my H by syringe, and changed set after dinner. With
the set out and the meter on the table I examined it all minutely.
Whenever I bolussed (sp?) it would deliver a few drops of insulin, and
then No Delivery. It did this consistently. So I then attacked it all
with a pair of scissors to find out exactly where the blockage was. I
chopped off the white teflon catheter bit first, and it then delivered
perfectly with no alarm. So it appeared to be the set, and not the
cartridge or lead screw at fault.

Does the catheter block more readily than the tube itself?


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