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I have had problems with post exercise highs too -- there are 3 or 4 of us
on the list that don't follow the typical mode of exercise decreasing bgs.
This has only happened for me since I began on the pump -- maybe because I
no longer have the Ultra lente for my basals and backup.  My basal rates
have not decreased much since the pump since I have had tight control for a
long time on MDI.  Anyway, I found that if I simply don't "go for the
endorphins", i.e. get my heartrate above the 85% of recommended maximum
{calculate by (220 - age).85}, I don't elevate into the ketones range.  I
also use eat (drink actually, 2cups of skim milk) before I work out with a
very small bolus.  I increase my basals by 150% 2.25 hours before a noon
workout.  I experimented with a morning workout on Thursday, and found that
I need less insulin increases at that hour.  It all ends up being trial and
error -- lots of bgs and fortitude to keep it up until you find out what
works.  Good luck, and take care,
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Date: March 20, 1998 09:15 AM
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>Someone was talking about post exercise high BG caused by the 'adrenaline'
>rush and NOT by low BG. (I am assuming my body is just emptying out the
>house in case I decide to boogey all night.  - which I don't {sad but
true} )
>I love the feel of the intensity of exercise and need to lose some weight
>do not want to take a lot of insulin an hour or so after I finish.  My BG
>normal (114 mg/dl )  before, during, and immediately after thanks to mega
>juicing-  but then the high climbs and continues climbing and I am checking
>BG every 30 minutes for the rest of the evening.  I've even taken 1 -2 cups
>oj after I exercised so my body would know it had plenty of fuel (leave
>liver alone!!!) but to no avail.  Anyone have any solutions for this?
>I am one of those fat nutritionists somebody was talking about. And just
>the record it is my belief that 'we' went into nutrition in hopes of
finding a
>key to unlocking eating disorders - I did.  People used to tell me "You
>be bulimic, you're diabetic!"  If only they were mutually exclusive!
>Alcoholic too!  And yes I gave all that up many moons pasado.  It's a long
>rocky road.  So what's new?
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/