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[IP] Complete meter

I went to see the new CDE at the local hospital today. I asked my endo
about mixing Humalog and Velosulin when I saw him 2 weeks ago. He wrote a
prescription for Velosulin, but insisted that the CDE first verify my
sofset insertion technique was ok and that wasn't the reason for the
Humalog site problems! (The CDE thought that was ridiculous but humored
him. :-) 

However, the visit was productive for 2 reasons. 

	 1. She gave me 2 more samples of Tenders to try.

	 2. I asked her if she had a Complete meter I could look at, and
	 she said that the rep is coming next Thursday and if I'd like a
	 free meter to come in then. In fact, she is looking for other
	 people willing to test the Complete. 

**** If you live in the Bay Area and are willing to go to Sequoia Hospital
     in Redwood City this coming Thursday at 1:30pm, you can get a FREE
     Complete meter. Just tell me, and I'll tell her to expect you. *****

She also said she'd check with some other local CDEs to see if she could
gather more stats on patients mixing H and V in a pump. (She didn't have
any so far who've tried it.)

I'll let everyone know what happened when I have a chance to try both the
mixing and Silhouettes/Tenders. (I want to try only one new thing at a

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