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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

Melissa's story made me laugh!  I am a teacher -- mostly community college
although I used to teach 7th & 8th grade.  I have ocassionally had the alarm
problem and had to lecture through beeps, trying to find a way to muffle them or
turn them down.  With Community College courses I am so often racing the clock
and bathrooms are not right there so it is hard to fix when you're standing
there in the middle of the room.  Tell Melissa to imagine her teacher in her
position!  What would they all think?  It's pretty funny!  Especially since I
ask students to turn off or leave out beepers and cell phones.


Rmhb1126 wrote:

> Well the nice part of this mini-story is that it happened TOO OFTEN with the
> sofsets...and this is maybe the second time it's happened since she switched
> to silhouettes/comforts in the summer...
> Renee
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/