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Re: [IP] Re:Pumping at last!!

On 20 Mar 98 at 8:12, Theresa Walkup wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I went for training yesterday, and am pumping INSULIN at last!!
> Yeah.  It was so much easier to push that button on the sof-serter 
>the second time.  Might have been that my BG was only 28 the first 
t> Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions, fire away!!
> Terry
 Congratulations Terry!  Happy Assimilation Day!  Have you read the 
book "Pumping Insulin" yet?  It has some suggestions on record 
keeping and basal rate adjustments.  Hang in there - the first couple 
of weeks can be fun while you get all the rates and ratios 
Randall Winchester

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