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[IP] Re:Pumping at last!!

Hi Everyone,

I went for training yesterday, and am pumping INSULIN at last!! Yeah.  It was so much easier to push that button on the sof-serter the second time.  Might have been that my BG was only 28 the first time I tried to push it!!  Anyway, I am now working on getting my basal set.  I have a calI into my doctor, I am a little confused on making the adjustments.  My BG at 9pm was 126, at midnight it was 170, at 3am it was 158 and at 7am it was 96?  I am not sure what adjustment to make.  I am sooooo tired, I don't like getting up every 2 to 3 hours to check BG's, but I guess someone has to do it!!  I am sure I will be having lots more questions for everyone. 

Thanks for listening and if you have any suggestions, fire away!!


TWalkup @Roeing.com

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