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[IP] Insulin mixes and blood glucose readings

     I remember 18 years ago (around when I started using the pump) seeing 
     a manual for the one of the early European (German) pumps (which used 
     a special insulin made by Hoechst which I had brought in for me for a 
     while until US companies had refined insulins which didn't muck up the 
     pump tubing or the receiving site).
     This pump gave ONLY square wave bolus doses: the studies in Europe 
     indicated this was the way to go.  I remember speaking with a doctor 
     there and concluding this was way to go (and this was prior to ability 
     to program 'temp' basal).
     If one wants to reduce low-high or low-low or high-low, then straight 
     humalog using a square wave delivery is the method of choice IMHO.  I 
     have been doing this with regular (just leaving more time till meal) 
     and so when I went to Humalog never had any problem in this regard.  
     Yes, I have been 'bitten' by it but ONLY when trying to 'get around' 
     square waving.
     My idea for pizza: since it hits fast, take 1/3 dose as bolus, rest as 
     half hour temp basal.  For those of us on the 507, the design of the 
     square wave bolus WAS for Humalog!  (pays to have freinds)
     Yerachmiel Altman

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