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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

Shorty CDV wrote:
> Hi everyone!  I have had my MM 507 for 3 weeks now.  About 2 days ago my
> resevoir was empty.  I had just happened to take it out of the case and saw
> that the syringe was empty.  I am assuming that I did not fill it properly.
> Nonetheless the NO DELIVERY ALARM did not go off.  I called Minimed and they
> walked me through a high pressure test and that according to the lady from
> Minimed meant my pump was fine since it did what it was suppose to.  She then
> continued to say that I should not let the syringe get down to the last 20
> units and that was that.  Since I am new to the pump I don't know when my pump
> should start alarming.  I would think that if it were doing what it should I
> should hear something, some sort of alarm.

OK, the problem is that the syringe moves very little for each .1 unit it
The alarm is triggered by the drive shaft not being able to turn, rather than a
pressure check, which can't be done since there is no way to put a pressure
into the closed insulin syringe without risking contamination.

So the syringe plunger will be pushed until the screw won't turn, but when you
running on a basal rate below a certain amount it takes too long for the
to build up. So it doesn't alarm until AFTER the syringe has been empty for some 
time when on a basal rate. 

There really isn't a way to design around it with MiniMed's approach. The
has an early warning alarm at 20 units (if I remember correctly), but I think
not totally reliable either.

  Also, this morning when I changed
> my site I emptied the syringe and tried to dee if the alarm would sound and it
> didn't.  Is something wrong with my pump?  Does anyone have any insight?

How much of a bolus did you try to run to test it? If it was below 1.4 units 
(this may vary slightly from pump to pump) that may not trigger the alarm. Try 
doing it with a bolus of 2.0 units or more.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/