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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

Hi everyone!  I have had my MM 507 for 3 weeks now.  About 2 days ago my
resevoir was empty.  I had just happened to take it out of the case and saw
that the syringe was empty.  I am assuming that I did not fill it properly.
Nonetheless the NO DELIVERY ALARM did not go off.  I called Minimed and they
walked me through a high pressure test and that according to the lady from
Minimed meant my pump was fine since it did what it was suppose to.  She then
continued to say that I should not let the syringe get down to the last 20
units and that was that.  Since I am new to the pump I don't know when my pump
should start alarming.  I would think that if it were doing what it should I
should hear something, some sort of alarm.  Also, this morning when I changed
my site I emptied the syringe and tried to dee if the alarm would sound and it
didn't.  Is something wrong with my pump?  Does anyone have any insight?


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