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[IP] No delivery - talked to MiniMed

Hey all,

I talked to MiniMed about my increasingly frequent No Delivery alarms.
They are basically advising the things that have been mentioned here,
particularly lubricating the delivery arm in a "pull and twist" fashion.

I have been doing this since the alarms started last month.  I am beginning
to wonder if it may be my batch of syringes, since I have never had this
occur in 13 years of pumping.  Or maybe my pump is wanting to retire - I
think it is 6 years old.  They told me to call if it happened again,
probably to pull it out, test it and then send the set in to them.  I have
about 4 days before I reach 40 units left, which is where is keeps
starting, so I guess it is wait and see!


Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted


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