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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

michael wrote:
>Could be caused by any number of things.
>1) dirty lead screw -- clean it according to directions in manual
>2) sticky 3cc syringe -- make sure and rotate and cycle through the
>-----full stroke of the syringe to spread the lubricant around BEFORE
>-----filling with insulin
>3) crimped tubing under elastic waistband, belt, etc.... usually
>corrects itself - aggravated by sitting that pulls the clothing
>tighter in the affected area. -- move the tube to another spot to go
>over your waist.

1.  Cleaned several times throughout this
2.  Did that
3.  I wear the pump above my waist and was wearing a sweater.  No elastic,
no pressure and the tubing wasn't bent.  It goes off just sitting on the
table, with nothing interfering.

I have a call in to MiniMed, so I'll find out what they think it is.


Vancouver, BC, Canada
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