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Re: [IP] problems with silhouettes??

> From: BBradRN <email @ redacted>
> How deep or shallow is your angle of insertion?  If you put the IV3000

I don't know. I tried to insert it at a "30 degree angle", but there's no
way to tell once it's in. 

> over the set, then you will have difficulty disconnecting. Did I
> misunderstand your description?  

You misunderstood. I put the IV3000 down directly on my skin, and inserted
the Silhouette OVER the tape. (I did not put any tape over the Silhouette.)

> Do you need a skin barrier? like Skin
> Prep?  Does this occur with all sets of this type or only Silhouettes?

I don't need the skin-prep -- it doesn't seem to matter to my skin whether
I use it or not. But I do need the tape layer with sofsets.  I only just (a
few weeks ago) realized that I had to have the IV3000 layer underneath the
*sofset* (as opposed to needing to have a layer underneath the sofset
*tape*). Until I tried using IV3000 over the sofset *instead* of the
sofset-tape, the procedure was the same. When I tried inserting first, and
then applying the IV3000, I had site problems.

I am now speculating that not having a bottom layer of IV3000 underneath
the Silhouette may have caused the site problems with the first 3 samples.
So for the 4th sample last week, I put down the IV3000 first. However, I
again ran high and am trying to guess if it was just the flu or
sample-related. It could have been the flu, since I ran high 3 nights in a
row, until I started exercising again last Sunday. Since then, I've woken
up between 70-105, which is perfect for me.  I wrote mainly to see if
anyone had any other plausible guesses.

I'm trying to decide if I should request yet another sample and try one
more time... I really want to like the Silhouettes, but every time I have a
site problem I feel like hell for the rest of the day. 

email @ redacted
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