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Re: [IP] Skin Irratations

> Ive been on the MiniMed 507 for approximately 6 months and I am having
> problems with skin irratations ( I believe from the adhesive). I use the
> Minimed QR insertion set. Any advice? All my doctor said to do was to use a
> cortizone cream. I need your help ! Thanks in advance :-)
> Jimm

Jim -- There are a number of things to try. 

1. Use skin prep before inserting the sofset.

2. Try a layer of adhesive that *doesn't* irritate your skin as a bottom
   layer. Insert the sofset through this adhesive and place all other
   adhesives on top of it. Some different adhesives to try (Minimed can
   send you samples of some of these): IV3000, PolySkin, Transpore tape. 

My skin is sensitive enough that I have to have the bottom layer. IV3000
and Transpore both work for me; I'm allergic to Polyskin. Other people have
said the opposite, so experiment till you find something that works for
you. You can buy a small roll of Transpore tape in any pharmacy for a few
dollars. I prefer IV3000 because it doesn't leave a sticky residue when I
remove it, and Transpore does.

Take a look at Minimed's tape hints guide, too -- it's linked to Michael's
home page.

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