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Re: [IP] no delivery alarm

On Tuesday, on a day trip to Vancouver Island, I had 6 No Delivery alarms.
I have been having problems with this lately when the pump hits 40-20 units
left, but never had so many in one day.  I moved the pump around, reset it,
it would work for an hour or so, then go off again.  I had supplies to
change the set with me, but didn't want to do it right then, especially
since my sugars were staying below 100 (another bizarre event, considering
what I was eating!) and I figured I was getting the amount of insulin I
should.  I just kept resetting it and it would work for a while.

The last time, as I was cursing the pump and resetting it and resetting it
and resetting it and nothing was working, I looked at the reservoir.  After
6 false, or at least unexplained, alarms, I was actually OUT of insulin.

who sometimes does need to be hit on the head with a brick in order to
remember to always check the reservoir (and remember what she saw)

PS  I changed the set and still keep getting the alarms.  I have cleaned
it, moved the arm back and forth, everything I have had suggested and can
think of.  I will call MiniMed when my larygitis/flu goes away.

>Also not an uncommon occurence if you raced out of the house that morning with
>an inadequate amount of insulin for the day...Unfortunately just moving around
>won't clear this one up.  You have to break your concentration, halt the work
>process, get someone else to answer the phone and go do your duty.  sigh
>Sara - speaking from the voice of recent (today) experience.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted


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