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Re: [IP] MM 507 - Square wave bolus

I use the square-wave bolus quite frequently (especially for pizza or other
high-fat foods).  Since boluses are meant to be matched with meals, I find
it somewhat counter-intuitive to use a temp _basal_ rate for delivery of a

I use temp basals almost exclusively for exercise, since my body needs less
insulin to cover it's basic needs during (and after) that time.

The square-wave bolus is certainly not as flexible as what multiple temp
basal rate settings would be, if you _really_ knew how rapidly you would
digest a certain meal.  Some people split their boluses into two or more
smaller ones in order to try to more closely match their digestion rate curve.

I find it too hard to predict what that curve will look like for a given
meal, other than to know that if I'm eating pizza or something equally bad,
I'll need to spread the bolus out over a period of time.  The square wave
bolus does this for me quite nicely, and I can set it and forget it.

At 11:22 3/19/98 EST, Cindy wrote:
>I have the MiniMed 507.  It does have a square wave bolus feature but I never
>use it.  I find it much easier to do a temporary basal rate instead.

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