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Re: [IP] Skin Irratations

On 19 Mar 98 at 0:04, JLubenow wrote:

> Group, Please Help !
> Ive been on the MiniMed 507 for approximately 6 months and I am having
> problems with skin irratations ( I believe from the adhesive). I use the
> Minimed QR insertion set. Any advice? All my doctor said to do was to use a
> cortizone cream. I need your help ! Thanks in advance :-)
> Jimm

I started having skin problems about a month ago.  I discovered that 
one contributing factor was the new soap that my wife had put in the 
shower - it was the same brand as before but it was a "shower pack" 
of the liquid instead of a bar.  Apparently something in the liquid 
soap was contributing to the irritation.  I also got a tube of 
Hollister skin gel - it is a skin barrier product that you put on 
after cleaning the site.  You let it dry and then go on with the site 
setup.  It makes a film between the adhesive and your skin and helps 
protect from the adhesive irritation.  Between changing soaps and 
using the skin gel things are slowly improving.  The only problem 
with the skin gel is that the tegaderm or other tape products don't 
last as long.  I've had to replace the covering over the site after 
about a day and a half because the old one starts to peel off.  I 
still change sites every three days - I have tried a couple of times 
to go longer but that causes a major skin problem from the adhesive 
and the injection site itself.  

Hope some of this helps - the Hollister gel should be available from 
your pharmacy or medical supplier.  

Randall Winchester

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