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Splitting a Bolus (was)Re: [IP] questions

Two Cents worth from "Pump-Mom":
     Melissa had been coming in too high at lunch, so for the past 2 weeks,
she's a) tried taking her bolus prior to her first bite of food!!! (duh) and
b) more significantly- taking the remaining 40-50% of the intended bolus about
39-60 minutes later...
     The results are excellent: readings in the low 100s...Only problem:
REMEMBERING!!! She says Minimed needs yet ANOTHER feature on the pump: a way
to administer the rest of a staggered bolus automatically....The temp basal
isn't a viable option because of the beeping... As is, for some weird reason,
she got a no delivery alarm yesterday in school (she's 15) & the teacher & her
classmates thought  they were under attack!!!..Melissa simply whispered it's
my pump & left the room...Never did figure out why, but it was the first one
in months & didn't seem to affect her bgs, just her English class!! LOL
      Sure hope Minimed & Distronic realize that you pumpers are ironing out
all the "kinks" in their pumps for them!!! You should all be on their payroll
for Research & Development!!! LOL


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