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Re: GIMME A BREAK?!![IP] carbs to a min

Dan Wasson wrote:
> Kristen,
> How many carbs do you eat per day? I also very carefully watch what I
> eat. The less carbs the less insulin I have to take.
> Carol
> email @ redacted
Hi Carol-
Yeah, you're right about the less carb's, the less insulin.  I'm
assuming you're asking me about my "complex carb's"--- 
Before I answer your question, I have noticed that a few "other"
pumper's got the wrong idea when I had wrote that I do not eat carb's.
To those who were concerned, I am well aware of the physiological
aspects of "starvation", and I assure you that I am not in that "group".
I am just very careful about the amount of comple carb's I eat in one
I take between 25-35 units a day of humulog.  Seeing that all food
becomes carb's--(or at least what us "pumpers" are concerned with)- I
consume a lot of fruits, milk products and veggies. Anyways--- I hope I
have answered your question?
What about the rest of you?? How do you manage your carb food intake? To
those who like to eat lots of complex carb's-- Do you find it hard to
take extra weight off??? 
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