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[IP] Length of time on pump

     Could anyone who has been on a pump longer than eight years please 
     send me a private e-mail.  I'm putting something together and I also 
     have a few ideas and would like to be able to bounce off someone who 
     would understand.
     Also: anyone out there remember diluting insulin in order to get flow 
     OK through pump or to get dosage correct or to permit more 'lattitude' 
     in programming/using the pump.  Seems to me that a U50 insulin 
     equivelent for pump would be VERY useful (does anyone MAKE a U40 which 
     is purified?  does anyone still make it??).
     sorry for those of you who are getting this multiple multiple multiple 
     times but thats what you get for being my favorite freinds and mail 

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