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Re: [IP] carbs to a min

URTAsef wrote:
> AS always YMMV but I have to reiterate that keeping carbs to a minimum is not
> always the best way to keep your insulin needs down.  Your body NEEDS a
> certain amount of energy just to run the heart and brain and other bodily
> functions.  If it does not get it in the readily and easily usable form of
> glucose, then it will break down muscles andand deyhydrate you into ketosis.
> This ketosis gives the body fuel but it is kinda like buring rubber in your
> car instead of puttin g in unleaded gas - it ain't good for you!!!

OK, I understand your thoughts on the subject, but the thing is (according to 
people online on low carb diets) a fairly large percentage (40%?) of protein
provide blood glucose if it isn't supplied by eating carbs directly. There's a
smaller percentage derived from fat, but ONLY when not eating much carbohydrate.

That's why it works, at least for some diabetics of either Type, though Type 2
seems to do better with it generally. I've never tried it, but seem to do
quite well with my ADA diet. We DO vary (YMMV) so it may work for some.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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