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[IP] Happy Pumping to you

     On Wed, 18 Mar 1998 at 8:52 Randall Winchester wrote:
     >On 18 Mar 98 at 9:27, Theresa Walkup wrote:
     >> Hi All:
     >> Well, last night I started pumping with saline
     >> Terry
     > Congratulations Terry!  Have fun learning about the pump...
     > Let us know when you start on insulin and we'll sing "Happy 
     > Assimilation Day" to you...
     > Randall Winchester
     I was just wondering why 'assimilation' day.  I would think it would 
     be something like:
          (to the tune of On top of old smokey)
          Asleep late on Sundays,
            Skip breakfast till noon
          I went to a wedding for dinner
            My weight will recover real soon
          I used to scarred if
            I woke up to late
          And as for a skipped meal
            The shakes are not great
          To eat extra food then
            I just had to 'cheat'
          which wasn't much fun when 
            You prefer your body complete
        Or, for those of us more inclined to 'modern' tunes:
          (Sung to the tune of Yellow Submarine)
        In the time when I grew up, with lots of needles I was stuck
          Had to wait to eat my meals, but that's OK their time was sealed
        And their content was fixed, variation in life was nixed
          Till I heard of wonders new, I got an Insulin Pump: I love it too
        We are live as EverReady kids, EverReady kids, EverReady kids
           We are live as EverReady kids, EverReady kids, EverReady kids
     Is there any care, want, desire, need, whatever for regional 
     get-togethers every so often (twice a year) (once to freeze our lines 
     and once to melt them)?
     Yerachmiel Altman

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