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Re: [IP] Misconceptions about IDDM

> Denise wrote:
> I recently talked with a person who had some major misconceptions about
> diabetes.  The blanket statements she made were:  "Diabetics tend to live
> shorter lives than those without diabetes."  She also said: "It is difficult
> for a woman with diabetes to have children." 

Well, these are true statements. As a whole, diabetics have a shorter life
span. That doesn't mean that any individual among us will die young.  Some
of us are quite healthy, and the better control each of us has, the
likelier that we'll live longer. :-)

Type I pregancies *are* difficult. Not impossible, not infeasible, but
certainly more difficult than the average pregnancy. Managing my (otherwise
completely uncomplicated) pregnancy took an average of 3 hours a day of my
time. I complained alot at the time. But as my endo said then: it's only
for ONE year, and then you have a healthy child for a lifetime. :-) Maya's
already 14 months, and I'm thinking about doing it again (in 6 months or

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