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[IP] Mail volume

I really don't have a problem with the humor and relevant comments, but
the number of "me too...   too...  too..."  certainly contributes to the
problem.  I'm getting an overwhelming amount of mail and having a hard
time sifting through it.  I often delete mail before reading if it is
from a rambling thread (or appears to be from a rambling thread due to
subject line innaccuracies). I get a little frustrated when I skim
through an entire quoted post only to find "me too" at the botttom.  Not
meaning to be insulting to anyone, but could we limit this type of
comment, as well as perhaps only quoting relevant portions of a comment
that we are responding to so that those who are looking for relevant
information will have a little easier time??


P.S.  Please watch the subject line when respoding to a post.
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