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Re: [IP] Buddy quit

>I've kept in contact with Buddy as well and ruffled feathers isn't the 
>issue here.
>Another is the overwhelming amount of mail. I commented before about 
>the chit-chat and the over riding response was that everyone enjoyed 
I have not talked to buddy personally but he was one of the leading
contributers of quips and humor...so i can't believe he was complaining
that loud about too much mail...we need a little "sugar"(humor) with our
medicine (the fact that we have diabetes)...i'ld hate to lose all the
jokes like the 707 because they were sent to only one person....where
would i get all my material for the humor faq???...maybe another
alternative would be an alternative list where the humor and
personalities can continue????maybe a "backstage stand-up insulin
pumpers"???...or see what happens when a bunch of diabetics get together
when their blood sugar is low....we make stupid jokes and walk
funny(drunk?)....or come join the fun- "comedy back stage with the
insulin pumpers"???...i'm sure someone could come up with a better
name....the 707's??? in tribute to Buddy...MICHAEL??? could something
like this be a possibility???
I know it is taking longer and longer to sift thru the mail but the
digest version might help those who are overwhelmed...just 2
cents...Michelle piper at email @ redacted

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