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[IP] Diabetes abbreviations and acronyms - new FAQ

A new FAQ, kindly contributed by Bob Burnett, has been added to the
FAQ page of our website entitled:

Title: - Confused about the words we use?

Description: - These abbreviations and acronyms are in common use 
today on various internet sites, especially those sites dedicated to 
diabetes related issues. We use these terms frequently on the 
Insulin-Pumpers list.

Have a look and enjoy.

Many thanks to Bob for his contribution.

If you would like to contribute to the effort  to Spread the Word 
about Insulin Pumping by helping with the development of FAQ's and 
HOWTO's for pumpers and other diabetics, then contact me.

You will be provided an account on our development server and lots of 
help from the other Ip-Developers.

Our contributing editors currently include:

Amilcar Vazquez Jr.  email @ redacted
Andrea Shea  email @ redacted
Bob Burnett  email @ redacted
Janet Wiener  email @ redacted
Janine Shea  email @ redacted
Kevin Foley  email @ redacted
Mary Jean Renstrom  email @ redacted
Michael Robinton  email @ redacted
Michelle Piper  email @ redacted
Yerachmiel Altman  email @ redacted

Many thanks to them for their efforts

email @ redacted
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