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Re: [IP] Misconceptions about IDDM

I was in a political discussion with a former boyfriend last night and we were
talking about personal responsibility (as it relates to our current
government).  How does this relate to diabetes?   He stupidly had the
stupidity to mention something about how "eating cocoa puffs causes diabetes"
in the same breathe as "smoking causes cancer." 

I about fainted and would have hit him, if he hadn't been 1,000 miles away.  I
asked what kind of a (stupid) assumption was he making?  Eating cocoa puffs,
or Oreos, did not cause MY diabetes, nor did it "cause" anyone elses.  I tried
to set him straight and explaing that eating poorly does NOT cause diabetes;
that there were some genetic factors involved with Type II diabetes
particularly that poor diet, when combined with no exercise and obesity, might
tip the scales in favor of Type II diabetes, but that no one was gonna wake up
with diabetes after eating a bowl of ice cream one night and lo and behold,
have diabetes.  With type I there is even an immuno-deficiency link that may
or may not be hereditary!  

This was a college educated MAN (40 years old), who has known me for almost 3
years and even DATED me and knew lots of personal facts.  I wonder if those
times he took me to the eye doctor for laser if he was assuming I had bled
because I had eaten too many Oreos the night before.

Toads - fools - idjits

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