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[IP] humalog and velosulin

I was going to wait longer before I wrote anything, but will put in my
.02.  I was having problems with my site being itchy, and then
unexplained highs, and bumps, andhated that sudden drop feeling.  I
decided to try to mix, last week.  I use only 24 to 26 units a day
total, and tried to figure out how to mix 5/1 and come up with 6 days
worth, finally just did like Michael said and picked a mark and
guesstimated it.  This is working for me this week I have had very good
tests, no more dropping, bump is nearly non-existant, and only one tail
out (where the tail caught me low).  I am impressed.  I will keep fine
tuning my program, and let you know more.  I didn't ask my doctor if I
could, I just asked for the script for the V. since my insurance will
pay some of it.  $35. at Walmart for V and $28 for Humalog and they are
the cheapest thing going here.
Thank you everyone who has talked about this mixing, I never would have
known, nor would have tried without all your imputs!
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