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RE: [IP] switching to velosulin

Hi,I'm on straight velosolin and it works great for me....go 6-7 days on a set....no redness, no problems...depending on my BG is how long I usually wait....if it's between 70-100 I bolus and then eat....if it's higher.....usually 15 minutes tops and if I have a high...I bolus and then wait until it starts dropping....but as in all things YMMV.....but velosolin has been terrific for me........GOOD LUCK...

3/ 18/ 98
I am going to be trying the velosulin out in a few days, can anyone on it tell me how long you wait before meals and anything else about it. I am currently using humalog, but I have trouble with sites deteriorating suddenly and quickly when I use my abdomen for sites. This never happens when I use my backend. I also don't like that terrible " I'm dropping feeling" you can sometimes get.
 I can't convince my doctor to give me the ok for a mix of velosulin and humalog, I've faxed and talked to him about it but he says no. I'm going to kept printing out the groups posts on the mixing of insulin for him. 
C.  Wasson
email @ redacted
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