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Re: [IP] Misconceptions about IDDM

On 18 Mar 98 at 3:09, Estes71 wrote:

> I recently talked with a person who had some major misconceptions about
> diabetes.  The blanket statements she made were:  "Diabetics tend to live
> shorter lives than those without diabetes."  She also said: "It is difficult
> for a woman with diabetes to have children."  I am interested in hearing what
> others have to say about this.  I was pretty upset when I heard these
> comments.  I would love to hear encouraging stories from people that show how
> untrue these misconceptions are.  

Statement #1 probably combines the effects of all kinds of diabetes, 
and if you lump everyone together then it's marginally true - it is 
true but if you take care of yourself you don't have to worry too 
much about it.  It's kind of like saying "Sick people die more often 
than healthy people" - true but so what?

Check out the past issues of Diabetes Forcast for a good article on 
pregnancy and diabetes.  I know several women around here who had 
children and maintained decent control during their pregnancy and had 
no more problems than anyone else.  They had to work to keep control 
but they all did fine and so have their kids.  

Many people need education about diabetes, and unfortunately that 
task often falls on us...

Randall Winchester

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