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[IP] Diluting insulin

Hi - I use diluted insulin to avoid clogs at low basal rates (.25
units per hour). The insulin is diluted at a pharmacy with a "clean
room" - very few pharmacies seem to be able to do this. The diluent is
supplied by the manufacturer (Novo Nordisk). Is this unusual for
others using the pump?   Deborah Dill

---Ted Quick <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Deborah Dill wrote:
> > I live in the northern part of New Jersey. I have had diabetes for
> > years. I have a Minimed 506 pump for 3 1/2 years.I use diluted
> > insulin.I take about 23 units of insulin a day. My control is not
> > great. I had laser surgery 10 years ago but none needed since
then. I
> > have hypoglycemic unawareness and always check before driving. I am
> > married and have had several foster children
> Hello Deborah. You sound a bit like me, I've been a Type 1 for not
quite 42
> years and have been using a MiniMed 506 for the last 4 1/4 years.
> Why do you use diluted Humulin? Not sure I've seen anybody else
mention that
> before. I use Humalog myself, find it's a lot more suitable for a
> Ted Quick
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