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Re: [IP] MRI's


The appendix of my Disetronic manual states:  "Do not put the pump in
direct line of X-rays, CT, or MRI radiation. Avoid strong static
electricity or electromagnetic fields, without protection".

My MiniMed 506 manual states:  "If you are going to have a CAT scan, an
MRI, or any other type of radiation, TAKE YOUR PUMP OFF".

Both of these statements seem to be directed at the patient, rather than an
"observer". I interpret these warnings to be directed to someone who comes
in direct line / contact with these devices or scanners. If in doubt, it
might be a good idea to remove the pump or make sure that it is thoroughly
shielded before proceeding.


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>Hi everyone,
>Question:  Is it ok to wear the pump into the room of an MRI?  My son had an
>MRI done this morning and I hadn't thought about the pump.  Mainly because
>when he had an MRI two years ago I didn't have the pump and they also only
>one family member go back so my husband went.  However, today we both got to
>go back to the sedation room and then they said that we could both go into
>MRI room.  That's when I wondered about the pump so I stayed in the sedation
>room to be safe.  I didn't have an end piece along otherwise I would have
>unhooked for the 1/2 hr. it took to do the MRI.  The nurses said that
>with a battery would end up getting messed up so I stayed out (I don't need a
>messed up pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  My son is 4 yrs and 33 lbs and when he is
>sedated he is heavy so my husband was along to help in carrying on him.
>Figured I had better find this out before this comes up again and/or when I
>need to do this on my own.  I do know that I will need to know this for next
>year as that is when he has to go back in for another MRI unless he has
>problems before then.
>Thanks for your help.
>Susan G.  
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/