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[IP] MRI's

Hi everyone,

Question:  Is it ok to wear the pump into the room of an MRI?  My son had an
MRI done this morning and I hadn't thought about the pump.  Mainly because
when he had an MRI two years ago I didn't have the pump and they also only let
one family member go back so my husband went.  However, today we both got to
go back to the sedation room and then they said that we could both go into the
MRI room.  That's when I wondered about the pump so I stayed in the sedation
room to be safe.  I didn't have an end piece along otherwise I would have just
unhooked for the 1/2 hr. it took to do the MRI.  The nurses said that anything
with a battery would end up getting messed up so I stayed out (I don't need a
messed up pump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).  My son is 4 yrs and 33 lbs and when he is
sedated he is heavy so my husband was along to help in carrying on him.
Figured I had better find this out before this comes up again and/or when I
need to do this on my own.  I do know that I will need to know this for next
year as that is when he has to go back in for another MRI unless he has
problems before then.

Thanks for your help.
Susan G.  
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