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[IP] Accu-Chek Complete--Cast your vote

Hmmm, I think Lori's message got truncated or something, but I just got off
the phone with Boehringer's Healthcare line and here's what I (sadly) found out:

1. The Accutility software _is_ required to set up the Event markers in the
meter, and is currently available _only_ to physicians.  I expressed my
displeasure with this silly policy and was told that they are considering
making it available to end users as well.  I 'cast my vote' with them for
making it available to us lowly end users, who only have to live with the
equipment day in and day out, after all.

2. There is a special cable required to connect the meter to your computer,
and the one that works with the Advantage will _not_ work with the Complete.

3. Even if you had the cable, the current version of Camit will _not_
download the data from the meter properly.  A new version is in the works,
but is not yet available.

For any of you who are interested, it would be helpful if you could give
BM's Healthcare line a call and 'cast your vote' as well.  It's toll-free:


Mention that you're an insulin-pump user, and that you either have or plan
on getting an Accu-Check Complete (keep in mind that plans _can_ change ;-).

At 09:48 3/17/98 +0000, Lori may have written:
>From:          email @ redacted (Lori)
> I talked to Accucheck tech support last night about 
>downloading the Complete to Camit - the manual says that Take care, 

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