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Re: [IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge

When the Disetronic pump gives you an empty cartridge alarm. I reset the
cartridge as if it were full. This will at least give you the units that are
left in the cartridge. I do this on a regular basis to use as much insulin as

In an emergency, I am going to try: stopping the Disetronic, disconnecting the
tubing, then pulling back the plunger with the rod piston. The theory being,
to place air in the cartridge, thus pumping some of the insulin remaining in
the tube. 

I've read the warning regarding the compressing of air not being as stable as
the compressing insulin. So, it would be important to realize that the
delivery may vary. I would also assume this method would open the door for
infection. As stated before, I will only try this in an EMERGENCY.

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