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Re: [IP] diluting insulin


> Diluting insulin is actually a VERY GOOD technique for many reasons 
>       and it is extraordinarily upsetting to me that both the pumps and the 
>       insulins are NOT configured for this.  

Actually, the MM507 can be set to use U-100, U-50, or U-40 insulin.  Is the
insulin not commonly available?  

Mary Jean
>       If we had a U25 insulin (or even a U50) we would get TWICE the number 
>       of basal injections per hour (at quarter or half the dose per) which 
>       would lead to a far more 'level' control (and if you don't believe me 
>       I did this for quite a while on old style Regular which has a much 
>       longer curve than Humulog).  It even helps with meals as the square 
>       wave has more to work with.
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