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Re: [IP] diluting insulin

Yerachmiel wrote:

>     Ted Quick & Deborah Dill (new person on list) where writing about 
>     diluting insulin. 
>     I am also similar to length of 'service' in that I am 36 years (out of 
>     38) diabetic, going onto my 19th year on the pump!
>     Diluting insulin is actually a VERY GOOD technique for many reasons 
>     and it is extraordinarily upsetting to me that both the pumps and the 
>     insulins are NOT configured for this.  
I know of another pumper on very low basal rates whose doctor recommends
diluting the insulin. Apparently, the thinking behind this is that a
diluted insulin will require you to raise your basal rates somewhat in
order to deliver the same "net rate" of insulin. Their thinking is that the
increased basal rate reduces the likelihood of blockage at the site. From
what I hear, this trick has worked for her quite well.

In this case, I think the pharmacist "pre mixes" the insulin with a
"diluent" (I think I got this word correct) to the prescribed ratio. I
don't know what this fluid is, but apparently, it is specially formulated
for this purpose and does not have any negative interactions with the insulin.

Bob Burnett

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