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[IP] diluting insulin

     Ted Quick & Deborah Dill (new person on list) where writing about 
     diluting insulin. 
     I am also similar to length of 'service' in that I am 36 years (out of 
     38) diabetic, going onto my 19th year on the pump!
     Diluting insulin is actually a VERY GOOD technique for many reasons 
     and it is extraordinarily upsetting to me that both the pumps and the 
     insulins are NOT configured for this.  
     If we had a U25 insulin (or even a U50) we would get TWICE the number 
     of basal injections per hour (at quarter or half the dose per) which 
     would lead to a far more 'level' control (and if you don't believe me 
     I did this for quite a while on old style Regular which has a much 
     longer curve than Humulog).  It even helps with meals as the square 
     wave has more to work with.
     Unfortunately, one MUST use the specific water which was manufactured 
     along with the insulin to dilute it, since we discovered that standard 
     normal saline 'mucked up' the insulin and either caused it to lose 
     potency or to come out of solution (research conducted by all of us 
     small oink oink animals who were forced to do this back in the stone 
     ages of pumps) 

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