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Re: [IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge

Have to admit I do this ocassionally -- when my pump alarms and I am in the
middle of teaching and have messed up somehow the refill timing>  With the
sofsets its easy.  It takes hours and hours for me to make a dent in the 20 or
40 units (depending on which length tubing you've got).  However, you do have
to bolus a few units when you start to engage the syringe with the pump again.
When I don't, I do get high BGs.

James Watson wrote:

> Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge
> this is getting way out of proportion..
> so to get back on track, why don't you share with us some
> travel tips to help the pumpers on here?
> I have a question for the rest of the group.. A couple times while away
> from home
> I noticed that my cartridge went low and it was not convenient to refill. I
> remembered
> someone on here who said that since there were 20 units in the tubing and
> there
> was a way to put air into the cartridge to get the remaining 20 units to
> come
> out..
> how do you do this?  I mean without having anything with you other than the
> pump..
> Seems like you would need to have the syringe rod..?
> Forrest
> I read about this.  The way it is done is that the Luer Lock is removed,
> the plunger is pulled back and then the Luer Lock is replaced.  The idea is
> that the air in the cartridge will push the insulin in the tubing.
> On the other hand when I found myself in this situation and tried this, my
> bg went pretty high.  I don't know whether the principal is wrong or my
> execution was the problem..
> Oh Well...
> Jay
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