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[IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge

Forrest...you can do it with a mm but you have a disetronic, right?  with
mm you take the syringe out unscrew the tubing draw back only 20 units of
air ( because you want the alarm to go off before you forget and start
pumping air) and flick the syringe so that most of the air goes to the
back end and hook back up...michelle
. A couple times while 
>away from home
>I noticed that my cartridge went low and it was not convenient to 
>refill. I
>someone on here who said that since there were 20 units in the tubing 
>and there
>was a way to put air into the cartridge to get the remaining 20 units 
>to come
>how do you do this?  I mean without having anything with you other 
>than the pump..
>Seems like you would need to have the syringe rod..?

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