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[IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge

Subject: Re: [IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge

this is getting way out of proportion..
so to get back on track, why don't you share with us some
travel tips to help the pumpers on here?

I have a question for the rest of the group.. A couple times while away
from home
I noticed that my cartridge went low and it was not convenient to refill. I
someone on here who said that since there were 20 units in the tubing and
was a way to put air into the cartridge to get the remaining 20 units to
how do you do this?  I mean without having anything with you other than the

Seems like you would need to have the syringe rod..?

I read about this.  The way it is done is that the Luer Lock is removed,
the plunger is pulled back and then the Luer Lock is replaced.  The idea is
that the air in the cartridge will push the insulin in the tubing.

On the other hand when I found myself in this situation and tried this, my
bg went pretty high.  I don't know whether the principal is wrong or my
execution was the problem.. 

Oh Well...

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