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RE: [IP] Exercise

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 14:41:58 +0000
From: Kevin Foley <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Exercise

I have received several e-mails regarding exercise. I will respond
initially with some rather generic guidelines that I feel are
appropriate to all Type I diabetics. I will address your individual
concerns regarding your specific programs soon.

First, let me emphasize that there is no clearly documented evidence


Kevin's summary of exercise is very good.  My two cents...

Different forms of exercise cause significant differences in my bg's
reaction.  If I am swimming, I burn basically carbohydrates and as long as
I carbo load before, I am ok.  If I simply cut my basal, I tend to
skyrocket afterward (more on this later).  Conversely, if I play a round of
golf, I need to both carboload and cut my basal.  I think this has to do
with the duration.  Swimming is 30 mins., golf 2-5 hours.  When I play
soccer (goalie so not much running, but lots of adrenaline) my sugar can
drop during the beginning of the game, but by the end and shortly
thereafter my sugar can easily clear 300.  Recently we returned from a week
of skiing.  During this time, I ate like crazy and tested frequently and
kept very good sugars.  My problem was during the night, my sugar would
again skyrocket.  My 2 am tests indicated that this was not a rebound from
a low, but my endo thinks related to adrenaline.

My point is that these examples are very different behaviors from the same
body.  I think that every individual needs to experiment with each type of
exercise and see how their body reacts.  Echoing Kevin's point, whenever
someone starts an exercise program (my words, or a different form of
exercise) it is prudent or essential to test frequently to stay out of
serious trouble.

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