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Re: [IP] Betty Martini <email @ redacted>: Four lawsuits filed against Monsanto/NutraSweet

Michelle Rands wrote:
> Wasn't something like this brought up on the list some time ago about the
> pilots???

Yes, and it's been shown repeartedly to be false. 

> On March 11, 1998 the lawsuits against NutraSweet (Monsanto) began to be
> filed.  The first four are Ron Anderson, Tammy Bell, William Reed and
> Keith
> Thomas.  Filed in the district Court of the county of Tulsa, State of
> Oklahoma by Jeff Martin, Attorney-At-law, Case No. CJ 98 1198

Hadn't heard about that before, wonder if it's just more stuff made up
by Betty Matrini and/or her friends. I tend to disregard anything she's 
written as so much junk mail.

> Pilots continue to report grand mal seizures and blackouts while the FAA
> has done nothing to warn pilots off this neurotoxin.  Joe Neill, a
> co-pilot, for American Airlines has just died in flight. The other pilot
> landed the plane.  When his widow was contacted she reported he drank
> diet
> drinks and used Equal in his coffee.  

Problem with this is he MUST have died from NutraSweet since he USED it?
Sorry, no connection shown, that's pretty feeble as a "news" item!
I could go on, but think this was enough pollution of the list for today.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Allergic to NutraSweet but can't believe this "poison" stuff!
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