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Re: [IP] Multiple personalities

Kim, Yes!
Janine, Yes!

If you do a search on 'diabetes+depression', you now get loads of
medical sites describing it as a diabetic complication, brought on by
the inescapable burden of a lifetime of injections, testing and enforced
routine. Sufferers are encouraged to seek councelling and
anti-depressents before they become suicidal...


Have all the doctors had their brains removed? Kim knows, Janine knows,
I know, and probably the rest of us know that clogging, heavy,
depressive feeling that comes on with a high bg. There's an interference
with the brain's chemistry.

The day I started my pump, my bg's went stable, and I felt this great
burden of depression just dissappear, and be replaced by an inner
feeling of euphoria. I explained this all passionately to my endo (who
happens to be quite senior in the medical world). He just smiled back
sweetly and said "Ah no! I'm sure you just feel happier because you are
now more in control of your life".

Blimey! Is this how medical progress is made?


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