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Re: [IP] Re: Travel Tips for Pumpers/ Low Cartridge

> someone on here who said that since there were 20 units in the tubing and there
> was a way to put air into the cartridge to get the remaining 20 units to come
> out..
> how do you do this?  I mean without having anything with you other than the pump..
> Seems like you would need to have the syringe rod..?

It was me... speaking for a MM pump which contains a standard 3cc 
syringe. Disconnect the luer lock and pull in some air, reconnect and 
carefully prime to tighten up the drive mechanism. You must 
disconnect from the pump at the QR release and watch for the first 
drop of insulin to form.

It is probably better to withdraw the insulin from the tube and pump 
syringe with a standard injection syringe.
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