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[IP] I wasn't scarred of the pump as I jumped off the 33rd floor.

     This is my final response to all the wailing about doctors (and my 
     emergency room experience two weeks ago and three weeks ago and last 
     year, etc. should put doctors and hospitals on MY list, but)...
     I think the majority of people on this line have basically faced 
     diabetes by not caring or not facing it and only when forced to (i.e. 
     health, marriage, baby, etc.) woke up.  If one were to look at the 
     longer term, well cared for group (whatever that meant back in the 
     ancient boil the syringes every night days) I cannot imagine a little 
     trepidation about the pump: an unknown vs. a known.
     To find the pump a non-scary alternative indicates one is either 
     totally unaware of how it works or one believes in voo-doo.  For a 
     bunch of people who claim that they DON'T like doctors I find it 
     hysterical how much faith they've put in MEDICAL research by those 
     same dread doctors.  And who did they permit to control their initial 
     basal and bolus rates, meals, carb counting exchanges, etc??
     Oh well.  Look: we have all had horrible doctors and great doctors.  
     we've all been good and lousy patients.  The bottom line isn't the 
     doctor, nurse, or anyone but one-self.  
     I certainly DON'T want to hurt anyone and I absolutely don't want to 
     lose any of my clients (I run a matchmaking service on the side for 
     certain members of the list who will remain nameless if they behave)
     (NO: this is NOT my profession but I do at least have the experience 
     of having married this way myself).

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