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Re: [IP] Multiple personalities

And I thought a sorority house was a crazy place to live...I can't imagine
living with a bunch of diabetics!  I think I would just commit myself then and
there and be done with it!!  Just kidding!

Congrats on your survival, Kim

As for depression. even with the best control, I still get that seasonal
depression.  My doctor knows it and I have a standing order for prozac with my
pharmacy.  I do it november thru february and the depression really goes -
maybe it is psychological, but until I started taking the prozac, Thanksgiving
to  valentines day was one horrible time for me.  I remember the Xmas of 1995
- my 1st year on drug, thinking "wow, christmas CAN be fun for adults!!!"  Of
course, it leaves your sex drive in 3rd or 4th gear (or is that reverse), but
with my success with the opposite sex, that is a good thing, I guess.

However, sometimes I am just mean for spite.  Don't need no reason like high
blood sugar for it neither!

Sara...whose sugar is normal today, but I am still in a moooooooood so watch
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