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Re: [IP] The Flu

Bob wrote:
> My understanding of flu vaccines is that they are developed through a
> fairly sophisticated "guessing game".  Typically, research indicates what
> particular strain of flu should be prevalent this year, based on
> statistics, studies of flu outbreaks in other countries, etc. Based on
> evidence, vaccines are developed to ward off those particular strains
> likely to be a problem for the coming flu season. Then fate steps in....

I went to a conference today called, *The Immune System*  presented by a
Steven Keller, PhD from the New Jersey School of Medicine. He spoke about
the flu vaccines and *guessing game* is exactly how he described it. There
is a group, I think he said in Wash. DC that is currently studying as to
what vaccines they will need to have available for the next flu season. He
said that it takes them some time to develop the vaccines and that is why
they have to start so early. He also told us that those of us who had the
vaccine and still got *the flu* had just contracted one they had not
planned on.
If anyone gets an opportunity to attend one of his seminars I highly
recommend him. He is an interesting speaker, very knowledgable, and
entertaining as well. He also spent a few minutes telling the audience
(mostly Drs and nurses) that they should all have access to the internet if
they expected to be up to date on what is happening in medicine. And he
spoke of the fact that any of us who had a disease of any kind needed to be
on the internet in order to become an *expert* regarding our disease, that
we owed it to ourselves to become one.....that our Drs would just have to
get used to us gaining info and knowledge from the internet. I know I have
learned more here in the yr I have been *connected*, than I learned
throughout my life as a diabetic and a nurse.
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